Which Smart Scales Are Compatible with Apple Health?

We all now have started switching from regular scales to smart scales and why not! These smart scales not just only tell you the weight, but also body fat, obesity level, BMI, protein, body water and many other things. You can connect your smartphone to it and see all of this data right on your phone. And if you are someone who uses Apple watch or an iPhone to keep a track of all these metrics then you would want an apple health smart scale that would be compatible with your devices.

Therefore, if you are looking for a smart scale that would be compatible with Apple health, then you have landed on the right page. Here you will find some best smart scales options that you can choose from.

Smart Apple HealthKit Bathroom Scale

This smart scale is an all-in-one solution if you are looking for a scale that fits every need of yours. It not just only is compatible with the Apple health but also if you have other devices like Fitbit or Google Fit, then it can export data on them as well. The scale also has its app if you want to go deeper into your health and check out things like bone mass, fat-free body weight, visceral fat, body type, protein, body fat, muscle mass, BMR, BMI and subcutaneous fat rate. When you use the scale, it automatically syncs the data with Apple’s HealthKit and can store data of around 100 groups. Even the design of the scale is attractive as it is curved along then corners and has a white and big LED screen that is invisible when the scale is not in use. The scale is available for $69.

Withings Body Plus

Withings Body Plus is also one of the popular smart scales that syncs well with Apple health. The design of the scale is sporty and gathers all the information through its easy-to-understand application. Another feature that this scale has is its pregnancy mode which gives you information like safety concerns when you are expecting. If you are using the basic model of the Withings Body Plus then it is good for capturing your weight and it will appear in your Apple’s health application. But if you are choosing their upgraded version then only you can get features like BMI, body fat percentage etc. The scale is available from $69.95 to $99 depending upon the model you choose.

QardioBase 2

If you are the one who also wants good looks in your smart scale, then the QardioBase is that one for you. It is a bit larger and is more stable. It has rechargeable batteries and once charged, can last up to a whole year. The scale syncs well with the Apple health app and measures weight, BMI, body fat percentage, muscle, bone and water composition. But there is one drawback of the scale that it takes a little bit more time to display the weight on the scale screen. The scale is available for $149.

Eufy BodySense Smart Scale

The best part about this smart scale that along with its attractive features, the price is also attractive as compared to other scales available in the market. This smart scale provides you with data that includes BMI, body fat percentage and all other health metrics with the health app on your iPhone. The scale is available for $32.99.

How you should choose the best smart scale?

A smart scale is that kind of a device that you will not change for many years to come. Therefore, you want your smart scale to be user-friendly, sturdy, reliable and should fulfil all your fitness needs. Also, you do not want to spend a fortune on that smart scale because anyhow you will surely change the scale when a new technology comes up.

Therefore, consider your fitness goals first. Whether you want to use to track your daily fitness activities or just you will be using it once in a while. But all in all, Smart Apple HealthKit Bathroom Scale could fit in all your needs as it has everything that you would want in a smart scale along with a budgeted price. Thus, choose the right one for yourself.

Why You Should Buy an Apple Wireless Charger?

With lots of devices in the market enabled wireless charging options, companies look for accessories that look like mats and stand that you can set your phone on to charge wirelessly.

Surveys say that it’s a matter of time until we see charging ports disappear from all mobile phones. The Apple wireless charger without a port will allow better water-proofing of the device, more flexibility, improved overall look, and finish
Here are a few wireless charging benefits

Always Powered

The Apple wireless charger is easily accessible in public spaces throughout your day. Even it is available in your favorite coffee shop or restaurant, in airports, in your car. As there are many options where you can charge your phone, you may go out on your busy day without thinking about your battery. No worries, no fuss, and you can only concentrate on your essential work.

Seamless experience

We often find chargers on a conference table or working place when we go for meetings; the high chances are that the chargers are placed next to their owner, usually sitting close by, to check if they miss any call or text. It is how a wireless charger fits seamlessly in your life, and not the other way around. With a wireless charger, you can maintain the same behavior of placing the phone on the nearest table, and it gets charged.

No wear and tear

Many times we forget while attaining a call that it is connected to a charger. Plugging the phone too frequently without paying attention to the delicate charging port can break the charger. The wireless charger, on the other hand, doesn’t need any plugging cable. It stays intact with the phone, and you don’t need to fear wear and tear due to erosion or aggressive use.

Clean Surface

Wireless charging spot creates a clutter-free environment since they don’t need cables. Researches have shown that a messy desk creates a stressful environment. Cleaning up the wires from your office table will help you create a healthier and more efficient space to quickly get the work done.

Multiple charging options

Wireless charger enables multiple smartphones to charge simultaneously instead of taking all kinds of cables with you. If your job requires a lot of traveling or you love to travel a lot, you are compelled to carry all the chargers with you to keep your phone active. However, with a wireless charger, the pad is enough to charge your phone. It is a one size fits all” solution.

A safer way to transfer power

It is a safer way to transfer power to your phone, which avoids putting your safety and data at risk. Unlike plugging, your device may increase the chance of any exposed electrical connectors. But with wireless charging transmits power without actually touching any electrical socket.

In other words, it reduces the chance of a connection failure and electric shocks. Several injuries and even death have been linked to improper use of cables or cellphones while charging. Isn’tIsn’t it sound scary? However, wireless charging is safer because as soon as you pick up your phone, the charging stops.

The free USB public charging hubs can also easily send and receive data while you aren’t aware of it; this yet another reason to go for wireless charging.

Looks good

The wireless charger looks better than the wired one. No wires mean a cleaner look when compared to the mess of charging cables. Thus, a wireless charger gives you a much cleaner look when compared with traditional cable chargers.

More durable and no overheating

Without having to regularly plug or unplug, there’s also no wear and tear on your iPhone sockets. On the other hand, the wireless charger doesn’t require to plug in and out frequently; therefore, the durability is more.

In a wireless charger, the charger shuts off automatically when your phone charges fully. It means less energy, a safer charge, and no overheated battery.

What Are the Benefits of a Restaurant POS System?

Restaurant POS System

Time has changed considerably. Precisely in line with this noticeable social change, which is due to the growth and spread of technology, and the related technological tools, human life has become very much cozy. This easiness has spread across all fields of human actions, and in our time, various software programs have become vital as regards almost all areas of human interest. As far as restaurants are concerned, a restaurant POS system has become part and parcel of restaurant management. Here, one thing is highly significant; the POS software they use must be one of the best restaurants POS systems.

What Are the Benefits of a Restaurant POS System?

Full Functionality: This system will record all the transactions that are probable to occur within a restaurant. The present-day restaurant POS is entirely different from the incorporated method during the initial period when the same was a mere method for creating the restaurant billing. Along with the rolling of time and the consequent technological advancement, the same has become a full-fledged restaurant management method. Presently, the best restaurants POS Systems can handle swiftly and accurately the various entailed tasks such as the customer relationship, stock & inventory management, reporting and analytics, table reservations, food items ordering, e-wallets, etc. Hence, the restaurant management can reduce the number of employees and thereby will be able to trim down their organizational costs considerably. A significant benefit of a cloud-based Restaurant POS is that the same will be functional both in offline-mode and online-mode.

Overall Beneficiality: Restaurant owners can save considerably in terms of time, effort, and money by installing the best restaurants POS systems. All these three primary elements of the organizational functions are the main factors, which will help the management to augment the revenue. Moreover, the user can use any web browser as the system does not need any particularly coded web browser. This software will efficiently control all the commercial transactions that are bound to happen within a restaurant. This functionality includes accounting inventory, bookkeeping, noting down the preferences of the people who visit the restaurant, and the number of times each customer visit the place. Hence, the task of the management as regards the customer service and the services that they must organize within the restaurant system will become very much easy.

Increase Productivity of Employees: Perfectly coded POS software will cut down the daily tasks of the employees, which will make their routine tasks easy and much more effective. The employees can concentrate on their specific tasks rather than spending their valuable time on different tasks. In essence, there will not be any undue job pressure on the employees, and they will become all the more relaxed.

No Need of Extra Tools: This method will relieve the management from the possible bother and angst that are par for the course of setting up a specific company team for the same. Besides, this arrangement is an installation-free mechanism. The management can avoid setting up extra tools for the POS system. There will not be any need for specific employees for the same, as all the data will go instantly and automatically to the provider’s server. In practical terms, this arrangement means that the restaurant owner will have to spend only less amount for the related organizational management.

Easiness: Another main benefit of best restaurants POS systems is the easiness of usage. The users can get back the stored data at any time precisely in tune with the practical need. They will just need a viable internet connection and can get the data from the server without more ado, irrespective of the place where they stay.

In brief, installing a POS (Point of Sales) system is imperative as far as commercial establishments are concerned, especially where there will be an extreme rush of customers at peak times like restaurants. Pragmatically, restaurant POS software is a highly handy back-to-back solution for all restaurant owners. However, the management must use one of the best restaurants POS systems; for this, they must rely on the professional expertise of specialized software companies managed by professionals.

Solutions Offered by Managed IT Services

As your business grows, your IT requirements will change. The job will be more complex and time-consuming and could turn out to be expensive if not managed well. Allowing a managed IT, service provider, to shoulder the responsibility of taking care of your IT requirements can help reduce and control costs, increase efficiency, and provide scalability.

Qualified and reliable managed IT services in Houston provides a wide range of solutions. Let us take a look at some of them:

Networking and Infrastructure

Managed service providers offer solutions that can help you handle WANs, LANs, etc. Depending on your choice of the kind of IT services in Houston, the package may include onsite infrastructure setup, managed cloud infrastructure, managed storage backup, mobile networking, and remotely managed print services.

Onsite infrastructure setup involves setting up hardware and software at your office. Managed cloud infrastructure makes it possible for your staff to attend meetings and collaborate on projects on cloud-based company software portals. With managed storage backup, your staff can upload information and update assignments from anywhere with the protection of remote backup.

Mobile networking allows your team to connect through wireless devices from any location. Remotely managed print services allow authorized personnel to print out documents on the company network from again from any location.

Software as a Service

A managed service provider can offer software programs to which you can have unlimited access if you subscribe to them on a per month or per year basis. The SaaS could either be a program that the managed IT service provider develops and maintains on its own or it could be the one that the provider makes available from a third-party developer.

With SaaS, you will know that state of the art software programs will be fully functional on your devices.

Security Management

A managed IT service provider can make your computer system safer with a range of security management and risk prevention services. This includes anti-malware software, patching & maintenance, and application compatibility.

The managed service provider installs anti-malware software programs on your computer system to keep your network protected from viruses. They also keep up with the latest software updates to ensure as best as possible that no hackers or viruses bypass your security protocols and infect your system. The managed IT service provider also makes sure that the hardware components and software programs that comprise your company’s network are fully integrated and compatible with one another.

Communications Services

As part of an IT communications package, a managed IT service provider will offer support regarding data, voice, and video. This will allow your staff to send and share information on computers, laptops, and mobile devices from any location-be it local or far off.

Your staff will be able to speak to one another, both one on one and with multiple people on computers as well as mobile devices from various locations. You will also be able to hold video conferences with your staff members who can also be located anywhere with the help of an internet or wifi connection.

Data Analytics

Effectively managing search and big data is very important in today’s data-driven business world. You may have data experts in your company but for your engineers to have the time needed to monitor the tedious day-to-day operations and still keep their focus on strategic vision may be difficult.

As your data continues to grow and user needs evolve, without ongoing evaluation and support, the performance of your data system may deteriorate over time. A managed IT service provider can take away the burden of analysis off your team. They will harness and translate key information and make it accessible to members of your team. As a result, you and your team will have more time for strategic planning and innovation.

Support Services

Support services cover helpdesk and troubleshooting needs. During business operations, your staff may encounter problems regarding a certain system program. With managed IT services, they can contact the remote support center for help on that problem. Also, a managed IT service provider can take care of everyday problems like password resets.

Do you have any questions about IT services in Houston? Please feel free to leave your comments below.

Advantages of Using eFax Service for Your Business

Faxing is a reliable way of sending and receiving important documents. Earlier, most offices had a fax machine sitting at a corner. But times have changed and today many businesses have started using eFax services for convenience.

However, that’s not the only advantage eFax offers. Below are many other benefits you can reap by opting for the best eFax service.

Saves Money

eFax service is cost-effective as it doesn’t require you to buy papers, cartridges, replace ink toners or maintain any hardware infrastructure.

In traditional fax machines, if you send a lot of faxes, you would need a fax-only phone line which means regular monthly rentals. In addition, there are long-distance charges and expenses for energy consumption.

The best eFax services don’t even come with hidden fees and it’s ideal for both large and small-sized businesses.

Most of the eFax services come with the Pay-as-you-go model and offer various packages to suit your needs. You just pay for what you require without any bells and whistles. Whether you send a few faxes a month or a few thousand, you can customize accordingly. You can even send unlimited faxes depending on your package.

Easy to set up

Unlike a fax machine, an eFax system is easy to set up. You just need to sync an eFax service provider of your choice with an internet connection. It does not require any specialist or any extra equipment.

Easy to Use

Most eFax services come with a mobile app that enables you to send or receive faxes on the go. You don’t have to remain tied to your fax machine or worry about missing a fax if you are traveling. This will also save time and increase productivity.

eFax services also make the storage and archiving of documents very easy since you can electronically store them. With a fax machine, you may need to go through a stack of faxed sheets of paper looking for the one fax that you may need immediately. Also, a fax machine consumes good space.

The best eFax service will allow you to be more organized since all your faxes, both sent and received, will be stored in your data system forever. An electronic signature is also another benefit of using an eFax service for your business. It allows you to apply digital signatures to any document without having to print anything.


eFax services come with robust security measures for document management. The best eFax services use SSL encryption which is one of the most secure ways of protecting your information. And with no hardware involved, there are absolutely zero chances of leaving fax pages, containing sensitive information, unattended on the fax machine for anyone to find.

Available Across platforms

With an eFax service, you can send and receive faxes from numerous platforms including Web Apps, Fax API, iOS App, Google Docs and so on. This will boost your corporate image in the eyes of your clients.


An eFax service is much more reliable than a fax machine. There are no issues like paper getting jammed in the machine or anything like that. You can send and receive faxes in a matter of seconds.

Environment friendly

Fax machines use a lot of paper and that is not good for the environment. By opting for an eFax service, you can save a lot of trees. It will also help send a strong brand message as customers preferably exhibit an affinity towards companies that care for environments.


Staying competitive requires you to stay up with the latest technologies. Choose the best eFax service that will enable you to be cost-effective and will take your business to the next level. Complete flexibility is the hallmark of a good eFax service. So why not avail it for your business? Especially when you can spend less time actually faxing and more time reaping the benefits thereof.

So which feature of an eFax service you like the most? Do you’ve any questions about choosing the best eFax service? Please feel free to leave your comments below, we’d love hearing from you.

VoIP Phone Service: What is it and How Does it Work?

VoIP stands for Voice over Internet protocol. In simple words, VoIP phone service means telephone service delivered over the Internet. It is different than traditional phone service than handsets and networks of copper wires. A VoIP phone system allows you to make calls from any Internet-connected computer, a headset, and a VoIP service provider.  Let’s understand the VoIP communication system in detail.

What is VoIP?

VoIP is the fundamental technology on which the VoIP phone system works. VoIP is a technology that converts voice signals into digital signals which then travels over the Internet. VoIP is also known by other names such as IP telephony, broadband phone service, Internet telephony, or broadband telephony.

How Does the VoIP Phone System Work?

The VoIP phone system uses an IP phone which connects to the VoIP service provider through the Internet. The IP phone converts voice signals into data packets that are sent to the VoIP service provider’s server. The VoIP service provider converts the data packets back into analog signals and sends them over the traditional phone network.

Different Ways to Use VoIP Phone System

There are two ways you can use VoIP phone service in your organization. The first method involves the use of the PBX system and other equipment set up. Once you have the setup ready, you can use IP Trunking to route calls through the Internet. This method allows you to take advantage of existing telecommunication equipment and processes.

If you do not have any business phone system in your office, you can go for Hosted PBX which is a complete phone solution in the cloud. In hosted PBX, answering, routing, messaging are managed by VoIP service providers directly.

Here are some frequently asked questions and answers that will make the VoIP phone service concept clear for you.

IS VoIP and Landline the Same?

The basic setup and technology between both are not much different. For example, the traditional phone system and VoIP phone system uses a microphone and speaker. In a traditional phone system, the analog air vibrations are turned into analogous electrical frequency. The speaker interprets the incoming voice signals and converts them into sound.

On the other hand, the IP phone converts sound into digital packets and send them over the Internet.  The primary difference between the two is the traditional phone system directly plugs into PSTN. The VoIP phone system needs a VoIP service provider to convert the digital signal into an analog signal and send it over the phone network. The traditional phone system uses the phone line while the VoIP phone system uses an Internet connection.

Can You Use VoIP on a Smartphone?

The smartphone uses a traditional phone network for communication and data. This does not mean you cannot use VoIP on a smartphone. To use VoIP on your smartphone, you will need an app from the service provider.  Since smartphones have Internet connectivity, you can use VoIP on your smartphone too.

Why VoIP Phone Systems are Popular?

A large number of businesses are switching to VoIP phone systems due to the various cost and technology advantages it offers.

Low-Cost Per Call

Traditional phone companies charge their customers for call duration. If your company has more outbound calls, you are more likely to have a huge phone bill.  VoIP phone system uses your internet connection to route data packets. If your company has subscribed for unlimited data connection, the VoIP calls would come cheap even if you make domestic long distance calls.

Service Mobility

Mobility is an important factor for businesses. If your company plans to change office location, shifting the traditional phone system can be a time consuming and expensive affair. With the VoIP phone system, things are more convenient. All you have to do is shift your IP phones to a new location and get an internet connection in new premises and you are ready to go. No more waiting for the transfer of numbers, setting up phone lines in new premises which can take a long time.

Versatile Features

VoIP is a modern technology that comes with a host of features like voicemail-to-text transcriptions, forwarding messages with a click of a button.

Do you’ve any questions about VoIP phone service?

What Is Plumbing Estimating Software and How Do I Use It?

To make a profitable bid on a plumbing project, it is essential to make an accurate estimation of your time, the materials you will require, and the constraints of the job. An error with any of these could end up costing you. Unfortunately, it is all too common to make errors when you try to factor in all the details using paper or a digital spreadsheet. You might make a wrong entry or miss a key detail while switching windows to look up the relevant information. However, you can avoid such pitfalls by using plumbing estimating software.

What is Plumbing Estimating Software?

Plumbing estimating software is a specialized software created specifically for plumbing professionals. Many companies produce different variations of this software at different price points. The software, mainly, helps to increase your productivity by making quick and accurate estimations. It also offers you the convenience of accessing work plans and other relevant data on your mobile device and sharing it seamlessly with co-workers, contractors, and clients.

The Benefits of Plumbing Estimating Software

If you are considered digitizing your plumbing business, here are some of the benefits you can gain from using plumbing estimating software:

• You can import your existing plans into the software program, or you can create digital plans with the software.

• With the digital plans, you can quickly figure out which materials you will need for your project and in what quantity, and how many hours you are likely to require to complete the work.

• You can also look up the right prices from pricing databases that the software company updates in real-time. So, there will be no question of losing money on account of getting the prices from an outdated list.

• Another important benefit of using plumbing estimating software is that you can keep all the information on the same page. You won’t need to switch windows to record your measurements and item counts, and that reduces the risk of making entry errors.

• The software program protects the calculation formulas, so you don’t have to worry about inadvertently altering them and getting the wrong estimate results.

• Also, digitizing your plumbing business gives you the advantage of being able to access your project plans and data on the go. You don’t need to head back to the office every time you need to look up anything. Furthermore, if you are working with a large team, you can share data, assign tasks, and discuss project issues in real-time, without resorting to separate emails, messages, phone calls, or meetings.

• Additionally, if you need to make changes in the plans or update certain information, you can do so quickly.

• You can align plumbing estimating software with accounting software for direct price transfer.

• You can create and send automated marketing emails to existing and potential clients.

• You can find and bid for plumbing jobs that are right for your professional experience.

Using the Plumbing Estimating Software Subscription Model

Earlier versions of plumbing estimating software required separate licenses for different computers, and that could push up the price significantly. Most companies now follow the subscription model with more affordable fees, and, generally, offer a 30-day free trial to let you sample the software before you decide to purchase a subscription. Furthermore, depending on your requirements, you can select a monthly or annual subscription plan.

The software is easy to install, and you can access it on your desktop computer, laptop, smartphone, or tablet. It isn’t necessary to buy different subscriptions for each. You only need to purchase different subscriptions for different users. When the company issues periodic software updates, you can download them to keep your system functioning well. As a result, with the subscription model, there will be fewer compatibility issues with browsers or other software programs.

Digitization is now so integral to most of our business activities that incorporating plumbing estimation software is more of a necessity than an option for plumbing professionals. Along with facilitating the way you run your business and enabling you to bid on new projects, it will help you to keep up with industry developments and pricing changes. Moreover, it will save you time and increase your productivity. As such, it is an excellent investment.

How Do Fax to Email Services Work?

Fax is still being used by several businesses to send essential documents. Some companies have switched to a new form of fax communication that is a fax to email service. If you are wondering how to send a fax to email, read on to find out.

What is Fax to Email Service?

The traditional way of faxing involves two fax machines; one is used to send a fax and the other is used to receive a fax. An online fax service does not necessarily use a fax machine though you can send a fax from your computer to fax machine.

Online fax service is a virtual fax machine where the service provider arranges the infrastructure required to send a fax over email. The faxes that arrive are forwarded to an email program that can be accessed through an application interface (installed on the computer) or web interface of the service provider.

With Internet faxing, you can attach documents to the email and send them to an analog fax machine that prints it. If you are using an online fax service, all faxes sent to your fax number are converted into digital documents and sent to an email address.

Online fax service is a hosted service, and you don’t need to buy modems, install fax servers or special software. The service provider converts faxes to emails and emails to faxes for you.

How Fax to Email Services Work?

To send faxes to email, you need three things.

· Internet connectivity

· Ability to send and receive emails

· A subscription to fax to email service

Receiving Faxes

1. When you subscribe to an online fax service, the service provider assigns you a local fax number or a toll-free fax number.

2. The sender dials your fax number from an analog fax machine and feeds the document in the fax machine.

3. The fax is received by your service provider who converts the data into an email attachment which is then sent to your email address.

4. To read the fax, you need to open the attached document.

Sending Faxes

1. The sender attaches a file like a scan of a paper document or word document to an email message or through the web interface provided by the online fax service.

2. The sender types the recipient’s fax number which can be a traditional fax number that has digits only. If the recipient also uses online fax service, the fax number may look like 18002221234@internetfaxes.com or something similar.

3. The online fax service translates the attachment so that the recipient fax machine can read and print it.

4. After proper conversion, the data is sent over the phone line to recipient’s fax machine.

5. The fax machine decodes the data and prints the fax.

Since email is the only software required to send an internet fax, you can send a fax to email even from a handheld device.

Advantages of Internet Faxing

Paper Problems

Paper jams are a common thing with traditional fax machines. If the paper gets jammed, the fax document may get damaged, rendering it useless.

Such things do not happen in online faxing. The reason is there is no printing of fax as it is sent as an email attachment to your inbox. Online fax service gives you freedom from paper problems.

Saves Costs

Since faxes are sent as an email attachment, you don’t need to print it unless required. The faxes are stored as an email attachment, and you can get a print whenever needed. Also, you don’t have to keep a record of faxes received as they are always accessible through the application/web interface of the service provider.


Security is a big issue connected to the traditional fax method. You always need a person to be physically present at the fax machine while sending or receiving a fax. If someone is sending a confidential document over fax, the recipient needs to be present at the fax machine to receive the fax.

With an online fax service, the faxes are sent as an email attachment, and only you have access to your email. Hence, the confidentiality of the faxed document can be easily maintained.

So do you have any questions about fax to email service?

All You Need to Know about POP and Exchange Mail

As an employee in an organization or a business owner, people count on email as the primary tool for regular communication. But the email protocol you are using is the best one for your organization?  If you are like most business owners who are in a hurry, then you are not sure about the right email protocols. Understanding the benefits and the cons of different email options is not only confusing but also time-consuming. But, securing the right email protocol is vital for the success of your organization.

Here we have provided an honest appraisal of the top two email protocols: POP and Exchange. Read on to understand the basics of each protocol and find out which one offers the best features for your business required for operating at peak performance. These two mail protocols are the same as both synchronize mail from several devices like smartphones, computers, and tablets. On the surface, they are the same but each one offers unique features. Let’s check it out.

POP (Post Office Protocol)

It was the first email protocol that was universally accepted when the internet became popular in the 1990s. This POP-based mail service is simple – your email client such as Thunderbird, Apple Mail or Outlook connects to the mail server and then the emails are directly downloaded to your system. From the mail server, the downloaded mail is then deleted (although most of the clients have the option for preventing this).


  • It is quite cheap and no need for licenses.
  • It is universally adopted and virtually supports all devices
  • Simple for implementing and configuring


  • After a message is downloaded from the server, the message gets removed from the server (if you are saving the messages to the server, you may download the same mail several times)
  • After a message is sent, there is no availability of server copy
  • If you are accessing the mail on a different device, you will see different mails depending on what has been downloaded to that particular device.
  • No settings for organizing your inbox. The only folder is your inbox.
  • It is largely obsolete and no major update since 1988.

Exchange Mail

You need to purchase server or user licenses. Traditionally this email protocol is focused on enterprise level consumers and provides all the features of POP but also have other features for helping organizations and businesses for better collaboration among staff and employees. Features like shared file storage shared address calendars and books and integration with other products like Office and SharePoint.


  • Email can be synchronized – Rather downloading an email, a copy will be created on your device while the original one stays on the server.
  • Folder support for organizing mails
  • You can purchase a per-server or per-user license to help scale cost.
  • Offers multiple collaborative tools for enabling employees for sharing resources like documents and calendars
  • Native integration feature with most of the Microsoft products.


  • It is expensive as server and user licenses cost thousands of dollars annually
  • Your server will not be upgraded for free on Exchange. Every one to three years, a new version is released in the market and you have to buy new licenses for using it.
  • An expert an only set up and provides maintenance for your Exchange.

An employee working in a team environment and need collaborative tools like shared file storage, shared calendars and contacts must use Exchange Mail. It also provides organizations to have entire control of the mail server. Companies with technical expertise who can manage and maintain should use this mail protocol.

There is always a right email system available for your depends but it depends on how you are doing business, with whom you are doing business and what are your specific needs. Working with top security firms that have expertise in POP and Exchange will help you in developing the right email system for your business. For a successful business, you should consult dedicated and experienced security experts who provide updated email protocols for your exchange mail or POP service. They also ensure that your outbound and inbound emails are safe and the data that is enclosed is secure.

Important Aspects of VoIP for Small Business

Communication is the backbone of every business irrespective of the size. Many people have a misunderstanding that VoIP is only ideal for big businesses. VoIP offers several features that small businesses can take advantage of. However, not all VoIP services are the same. Let’s look at some important aspects of the best VoIP for small business.

Excellent Voice Quality

Voice quality is an important aspect of good communication. If the voice quality is poor, it can lead to frustration for both the caller and receiver and communication won’t serve the purpose.

Today VoIP technology has improved by leaps and bounds and the voice quality of VoIP calls surpasses traditional phone voice quality.


Unlike a traditional phone system, VoIP call systems have more features than making and receiving calls. Modern VoIP systems offer several advanced features like teleconferencing, video conferencing, instant messaging and receiving voicemail and faxes via email.

Remote work is increasing and business experts predict it will continue to grow in the future. With remote employees working in different towns or cities, small businesses can benefit from video conferencing and teleconferencing facilities offered by the best VoIP for small business.

The modern VoIP solution keeps your employees connected and allows them to discuss important business matters easily no matter where they are in the word. It also allows them to work from home when needed.

VoIP systems ability to send faxes and voicemail via email ensures all important communication stays in one place and can be retrieved easily.


Communication breaches happen every day because businesses don’t employ secure communication channels and tools for everyday business activities. These breaches make businesses lose billions of dollars and customer confidence.

Regulations and compliance also require businesses to invest in secure communications to protect their business and customers information. A VoIP system allows small businesses to encrypt their communication without heavy investment.

Modern VoIP systems are more secure than traditional phone systems. These systems use standard encryption protocols to secure voice and data before it is sent on an open network. This is not possible with traditional phone systems.


The use of portable systems for computing and communicating tasks has increased with time. These portable systems for communication and computing which are deployed for office work on the move are connected to ICT network for communication and data transfer tasks.

VoIP works efficiently on these portable systems for computing and communication tasks. As long as the device has an Internet connection, the person can use VoIP to stay connected with his company and colleagues sitting in an office or elsewhere.

VoIP systems also allow you to transfer customers’ calls to your colleagues and the customer is not required to call number. With the VoIP system, you can also set the status to inform your colleagues whether you are available or not to receive calls.

Call Recording Service

Many times it is difficult for an individual to recall all minute details of the communication with the customer. In such a call recording feature can save the day by allowing the employee to replay the recorded communication and pick the details.

Leading VoIP phone service vendors offer active call recording solution for enterprises and employees can record customer calls or any important calls with a press of a button.

Increased Productivity

“Phone tag” refers to a phenomenon where two parties are trying to call each other but neither is able to get hold of communication. Phone tag situations can be frustrating for both parties especially customers.

With VoIP systems, phone tag situations can be eliminated. For example, many VoIP systems can be configured to simultaneously ring on your landlines or mobile phone devices before proceeding to voicemail. This reduces the likelihood of phone tag situations experienced by employees and customers.

According to Sage research, use of VoIP system led to increased productivity which added around 3.9 hours per employee per week.

Thus, you can see the best VoIP for small business offers many features that can prove the catalyst to business growth and help small businesses to sustain in a competitive business environment.

Did we miss any important aspect of VoIP for small businesses? Please feel free to comment.

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