Advantages of Using eFax Service for Your Business

Faxing is a reliable way of sending and receiving important documents. Earlier, most offices had a fax machine sitting at a corner. But times have changed and today many businesses have started using eFax services for convenience.

However, that’s not the only advantage eFax offers. Below are many other benefits you can reap by opting for the best eFax service.

Saves Money

eFax service is cost-effective as it doesn’t require you to buy papers, cartridges, replace ink toners or maintain any hardware infrastructure.

In traditional fax machines, if you send a lot of faxes, you would need a fax-only phone line which means regular monthly rentals. In addition, there are long-distance charges and expenses for energy consumption.

The best eFax services don’t even come with hidden fees and it’s ideal for both large and small-sized businesses.

Most of the eFax services come with the Pay-as-you-go model and offer various packages to suit your needs. You just pay for what you require without any bells and whistles. Whether you send a few faxes a month or a few thousand, you can customize accordingly. You can even send unlimited faxes depending on your package.

Easy to set up

Unlike a fax machine, an eFax system is easy to set up. You just need to sync an eFax service provider of your choice with an internet connection. It does not require any specialist or any extra equipment.

Easy to Use

Most eFax services come with a mobile app that enables you to send or receive faxes on the go. You don’t have to remain tied to your fax machine or worry about missing a fax if you are traveling. This will also save time and increase productivity.

eFax services also make the storage and archiving of documents very easy since you can electronically store them. With a fax machine, you may need to go through a stack of faxed sheets of paper looking for the one fax that you may need immediately. Also, a fax machine consumes good space.

The best eFax service will allow you to be more organized since all your faxes, both sent and received, will be stored in your data system forever. An electronic signature is also another benefit of using an eFax service for your business. It allows you to apply digital signatures to any document without having to print anything.


eFax services come with robust security measures for document management. The best eFax services use SSL encryption which is one of the most secure ways of protecting your information. And with no hardware involved, there are absolutely zero chances of leaving fax pages, containing sensitive information, unattended on the fax machine for anyone to find.

Available Across platforms

With an eFax service, you can send and receive faxes from numerous platforms including Web Apps, Fax API, iOS App, Google Docs and so on. This will boost your corporate image in the eyes of your clients.


An eFax service is much more reliable than a fax machine. There are no issues like paper getting jammed in the machine or anything like that. You can send and receive faxes in a matter of seconds.

Environment friendly

Fax machines use a lot of paper and that is not good for the environment. By opting for an eFax service, you can save a lot of trees. It will also help send a strong brand message as customers preferably exhibit an affinity towards companies that care for environments.


Staying competitive requires you to stay up with the latest technologies. Choose the best eFax service that will enable you to be cost-effective and will take your business to the next level. Complete flexibility is the hallmark of a good eFax service. So why not avail it for your business? Especially when you can spend less time actually faxing and more time reaping the benefits thereof.

So which feature of an eFax service you like the most? Do you’ve any questions about choosing the best eFax service? Please feel free to leave your comments below, we’d love hearing from you.

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