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What Is Plumbing Estimating Software and How Do I Use It?

To make a profitable bid on a plumbing project, it is essential to make an accurate estimation of your time, the materials you will require, and the constraints of the job. An error with any of these could end up … Read the rest

All You Need to Know about POP and Exchange Mail

As an employee in an organization or a business owner, people count on email as the primary tool for regular communication. But the email protocol you are using is the best one for your organization?  If you are like most … Read the rest

The Pros and Cons of Email Encryption

Email is a primary communication tool for businesses of all sizes. If you think email is secure, you are probably wrong. The fact is your communication is not as private as you think it to be. Any person with good … Read the rest

How Email Archiving Solutions Provide Security to Businesses?

Email is the primary means of communication for every business. And looking at the volume of emails sent and received on a daily basis, it can outgrow the capacity of your email servers. Also, managing a vast amount of data … Read the rest

POP and Exchange – Pros & Cons Associated with Them

When it comes to selecting email systems, organizations are mostly confused between POP and Exchange and unable to take a decision. To make things easy for you, we have compared both email systems and mentioned the advantages and disadvantages associated … Read the rest

Email Archiving – A Necessity for Business Success

Thanks to the Internet, email is the main communication tool used by businesses to share confidential data and documents and other types of important business information.

The Sarbanes-Oxley Act requires businesses needs to secure email communication as a part of … Read the rest

Eliminating Threats using Email Filtering Services

Being a business owner or manager, it is crucial for you to protect your emails. Since it is the primary mode of communication with your clients and partners, you should go for an email filtering to filter the junk and … Read the rest

Simple Ways to Boost the Speed of Your PC

Just like the human body needs regular maintenance to stay healthy and fit, the computer system also needs care and attention for smooth and better functioning. Having a slow PC not only affects productivity but may also damage the data. … Read the rest

Tips to Increase the Lifespan of Your Laptop

The laptop is an essential part of life in the present world of technology. It is not just important, but most of the people are dependent on it for one and another reason. Pertaining to this dependency, it is thus … Read the rest

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