Important Aspects of VoIP for Small Business

Communication is the backbone of every business irrespective of the size. Many people have a misunderstanding that VoIP is only ideal for big businesses. VoIP offers several features that small businesses can take advantage of. However, not all VoIP services are the same. Let’s look at some important aspects of the best VoIP for small business.

Excellent Voice Quality

Voice quality is an important aspect of good communication. If the voice quality is poor, it can lead to frustration for both the caller and receiver and communication won’t serve the purpose.

Today VoIP technology has improved by leaps and bounds and the voice quality of VoIP calls surpasses traditional phone voice quality.


Unlike a traditional phone system, VoIP call systems have more features than making and receiving calls. Modern VoIP systems offer several advanced features like teleconferencing, video conferencing, instant messaging and receiving voicemail and faxes via email.

Remote work is increasing and business experts predict it will continue to grow in the future. With remote employees working in different towns or cities, small businesses can benefit from video conferencing and teleconferencing facilities offered by the best VoIP for small business.

The modern VoIP solution keeps your employees connected and allows them to discuss important business matters easily no matter where they are in the word. It also allows them to work from home when needed.

VoIP systems ability to send faxes and voicemail via email ensures all important communication stays in one place and can be retrieved easily.


Communication breaches happen every day because businesses don’t employ secure communication channels and tools for everyday business activities. These breaches make businesses lose billions of dollars and customer confidence.

Regulations and compliance also require businesses to invest in secure communications to protect their business and customers information. A VoIP system allows small businesses to encrypt their communication without heavy investment.

Modern VoIP systems are more secure than traditional phone systems. These systems use standard encryption protocols to secure voice and data before it is sent on an open network. This is not possible with traditional phone systems.


The use of portable systems for computing and communicating tasks has increased with time. These portable systems for communication and computing which are deployed for office work on the move are connected to ICT network for communication and data transfer tasks.

VoIP works efficiently on these portable systems for computing and communication tasks. As long as the device has an Internet connection, the person can use VoIP to stay connected with his company and colleagues sitting in an office or elsewhere.

VoIP systems also allow you to transfer customers’ calls to your colleagues and the customer is not required to call number. With the VoIP system, you can also set the status to inform your colleagues whether you are available or not to receive calls.

Call Recording Service

Many times it is difficult for an individual to recall all minute details of the communication with the customer. In such a call recording feature can save the day by allowing the employee to replay the recorded communication and pick the details.

Leading VoIP phone service vendors offer active call recording solution for enterprises and employees can record customer calls or any important calls with a press of a button.

Increased Productivity

“Phone tag” refers to a phenomenon where two parties are trying to call each other but neither is able to get hold of communication. Phone tag situations can be frustrating for both parties especially customers.

With VoIP systems, phone tag situations can be eliminated. For example, many VoIP systems can be configured to simultaneously ring on your landlines or mobile phone devices before proceeding to voicemail. This reduces the likelihood of phone tag situations experienced by employees and customers.

According to Sage research, use of VoIP system led to increased productivity which added around 3.9 hours per employee per week.

Thus, you can see the best VoIP for small business offers many features that can prove the catalyst to business growth and help small businesses to sustain in a competitive business environment.

Did we miss any important aspect of VoIP for small businesses? Please feel free to comment.

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