Solutions Offered by Managed IT Services

As your business grows, your IT requirements will change. The job will be more complex and time-consuming and could turn out to be expensive if not managed well. Allowing a managed IT, service provider, to shoulder the responsibility of taking care of your IT requirements can help reduce and control costs, increase efficiency, and provide scalability.

Qualified and reliable managed IT services in Houston provides a wide range of solutions. Let us take a look at some of them:

Networking and Infrastructure

Managed service providers offer solutions that can help you handle WANs, LANs, etc. Depending on your choice of the kind of IT services in Houston, the package may include onsite infrastructure setup, managed cloud infrastructure, managed storage backup, mobile networking, and remotely managed print services.

Onsite infrastructure setup involves setting up hardware and software at your office. Managed cloud infrastructure makes it possible for your staff to attend meetings and collaborate on projects on cloud-based company software portals. With managed storage backup, your staff can upload information and update assignments from anywhere with the protection of remote backup.

Mobile networking allows your team to connect through wireless devices from any location. Remotely managed print services allow authorized personnel to print out documents on the company network from again from any location.

Software as a Service

A managed service provider can offer software programs to which you can have unlimited access if you subscribe to them on a per month or per year basis. The SaaS could either be a program that the managed IT service provider develops and maintains on its own or it could be the one that the provider makes available from a third-party developer.

With SaaS, you will know that state of the art software programs will be fully functional on your devices.

Security Management

A managed IT service provider can make your computer system safer with a range of security management and risk prevention services. This includes anti-malware software, patching & maintenance, and application compatibility.

The managed service provider installs anti-malware software programs on your computer system to keep your network protected from viruses. They also keep up with the latest software updates to ensure as best as possible that no hackers or viruses bypass your security protocols and infect your system. The managed IT service provider also makes sure that the hardware components and software programs that comprise your company’s network are fully integrated and compatible with one another.

Communications Services

As part of an IT communications package, a managed IT service provider will offer support regarding data, voice, and video. This will allow your staff to send and share information on computers, laptops, and mobile devices from any location-be it local or far off.

Your staff will be able to speak to one another, both one on one and with multiple people on computers as well as mobile devices from various locations. You will also be able to hold video conferences with your staff members who can also be located anywhere with the help of an internet or wifi connection.

Data Analytics

Effectively managing search and big data is very important in today’s data-driven business world. You may have data experts in your company but for your engineers to have the time needed to monitor the tedious day-to-day operations and still keep their focus on strategic vision may be difficult.

As your data continues to grow and user needs evolve, without ongoing evaluation and support, the performance of your data system may deteriorate over time. A managed IT service provider can take away the burden of analysis off your team. They will harness and translate key information and make it accessible to members of your team. As a result, you and your team will have more time for strategic planning and innovation.

Support Services

Support services cover helpdesk and troubleshooting needs. During business operations, your staff may encounter problems regarding a certain system program. With managed IT services, they can contact the remote support center for help on that problem. Also, a managed IT service provider can take care of everyday problems like password resets.

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