Tips to Increase the Lifespan of Your Laptop

The laptop is an essential part of life in the present world of technology. It is not just important, but most of the people are dependent on it for one and another reason. Pertaining to this dependency, it is thus important to take proper care of the laptop so that it may keep performing better. There are certain things that can maintain a healthy lifespan of a laptop so that it is not required to be replaced until the requirement of a higher or better version.

Regular cleaning

Needless to say, anything that needs to stay longer must be cleaned regularly and so should the laptops. Cleaning is referred to both the hardware and the software cleaning. The hardware cleaning includes cleaning the keyboard and the open ports. Laptop fan tends to attract dust with every use that makes the keyboard dirty and unhealthy. This can be cleaned using the alcohol wipes or the computer cleansing solutions.

Similarly the open ports on the body of the laptop also accumulate dust over time. This too should be cleaned as the dust interrupts the connection when a device is connected to the laptop. Just like the hardware, the software of the laptop also needs cleaning. This can be done by simply running the default cleaning program of the laptop which clears off the temporary files, cache memory, and other unused data that has been staying in the system consuming the space.

Regular updates

Their hardware and the software keep updating on a regular basis. The updated the system, better lifespan it will have, although hardware updates are not as common in laptops as in the desktops. But software updates may be done as soon as they are available.

The proper use

The lap is not just the right way to use a laptop which is in complete contradiction to its name. It should always be used on a tough surface such as a table. Using it on a lap or the soft surface such as a pillow or the blanket leads to the overheating because of the blocked vent and partial airflow. Overheating reduces the lifespan of the laptop, and therefore laptop or bed trays should be used, while using a laptop in bed, to allow the proper airflow.

Battery charging

There is a common understanding among the laptop users that it should be left unplugged while being used and should be plugged in only when the battery drains out. Unfortunately, this is not true and reduces the lifespan of the laptop. Every battery comes with a limited number of charge-discharge cycles, so it should be plugged in to AC while in use so that battery does not run out of its cycle and laptop may be functional for longer.

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