Eliminating Threats using Email Filtering Services

Being a business owner or manager, it is crucial for you to protect your emails. Since it is the primary mode of communication with your clients and partners, you should go for an email filtering to filter the junk and malicious emails from the genuine ones. Here are a few tips on how to eliminate threats using email filtering services.

Isolates your system from spam and email threats

You are probably aware that there is a “spam” or “junk” folder set up on your email account and it can seem like a pretty useless built-in feature at times. In reality, however, it is an email filtering protection. Most email providers have spam or junk folders for users, and a big reason is to ensure maximum cybersecurity, keeping you protected from those with malicious intent.

Emails that are deemed as “risky”, such as possible scams and also overly promotion materials are put into this folder automatically. This helps you bypass the junk and get down to the material that you really want to read. This built-in filtering service that is provided for free is decent enough for individuals but if you have a business or cybersecurity is an essential part of your career, then it’s worth investing in a higher quality program that might work more effectively. These can save you money, stop you from getting duped by scams and let you dedicate more time to genuine emails.

Up-to-date protection from virus

Email filtering services use multiple scanning engines from leading commercial and open resource vendors. It will ensure you a broader anti-virus scanning by stopping viruses at the backbone level even before they ever reach your servers or internal network.

Reduce your mail server’s exposure to the internet

From fake email pretending to be from your bank to customer service email purporting to be from large online internet services providers, phishing is a big business for internet fraudsters. Identity theft is also one of the fastest growing online crimes. Email phishing is one of the methods of gathering information used by these criminals. They gather your sensitive personal or company information. If you use email filtering services, then these scams can be filtered, and it will identify any fraudulent and redirected URLs.

Reduce data volume and server load

Email filtering services will reduce that extra junk email from your mail server. That means no longer you have to pay that extra money for mail-related data. If all junk emails are delivered to your server, then your mail server would also work as four times for hard processing. Then you can face performance and capacity issues. If your email were hosted in the cloud, then you would probably be wasting most of your mailbox quotas. If you are receiving email directly to your own server, then if your internet link or server is down for long enough any emails directed to you will bounce back. Mail filtering services will receive the mail on your behalf and forward it to you.

 Provide additional email storage and archive

External email filtering services can also offer the ability to store emails sent and received by you for archiving purposes, which can supplement or in some cases replace the need for internal email archiving solutions. This will typically solely apply to email with external parties, however, as internal emails between staff are ordinarily not seen by the filtering service.

Improve large scale sending performance

You need to keep in mind that if your business operates on a large scale, then email filtering service may offer significant improvement in your outbound email system. This is because the filtering services servers may be able to connect to a larger number of simultaneous recipients than your own server could, thus making the delivery process much more efficient.

In general, business deals with so many emails on a daily basis. It can be really tiring to go through a bunch of emails, especially if many turn out to be junk. Here time wasted equals profit lost. So email filtering services will filter the nuisance emails and block them, and therefore you can be more productive with your work. Have you ever explored any email filtering services before? Please feel free to leave your comments below.

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