How Email Archiving Solutions Provide Security to Businesses?

Email is the primary means of communication for every business. And looking at the volume of emails sent and received on a daily basis, it can outgrow the capacity of your email servers. Also, managing a vast amount of data is not easy and requires a large number of resources. The answer to this problem is using email archiving solutions. Here are some ways in which archiving solutions provide security to businesses.

Secured Storage Management

Companies are required to maintain records of communication for years. However, storing email communication can become a problem after some time as emails keep piling up. Also, employees have limited quotas for inboxes.

When employees reach their inbox quotas, they can delete unimportant emails and make space. But a time will come when they might not have the option of deleting emails as everything in the inbox is important.

Email archiving can help resolve problems with email storage. When you use archiving solutions, older email communication is removed from the live email environment and stored in the cloud. This ensures the employees do not exhaust their inbox quotas. Also, whenever the need arises, employees with right permissions can get access to archived mail and refer it for important decisions.

Also, the email archiving solution backs up all important email automatically. The archiving system compresses and encrypts email communication before storage thus eliminating the chances of employees altering the email content accidentally or intentionally.

Knowledge Management

Today, we live in the age of big data. Emails store a large amount of proprietary information like communication with partners, business contracts, financial records that needs to be stored securely. In simple words, email has become a digital heritage for businesses.

 Keeping sensitive data in live email environment has its own risks. Hence, companies need to store this data where it is only accessible to people with the right access permissions. Email archiving solutions can preserve this information away from the live email environment. Companies can rest assured their digital heritage is well-protected and accessible at all times.

Regulatory Compliance

Compliance is an important part of business today. Since most business email communication contains sensitive data, companies are required to comply with applicable data protection laws and regulations. For example, a health care business operating in the US needs to comply with HIPPA regulations that require companies to protect a patient’s personal health information from unauthorized access.

When you have email archiving solution in place, the IT department doesn’t have to worry about accidental or intentional deletion of emails. Even if the data or email is deleted from the live email environment, a copy of email exists in the archived email database which can be retrieved and restored in the live email environment.

Help in Litigation Cases

Protecting and maintaining the integrity of email communication and data is important in terms of litigation cases. For example, companies have to provide relevant information to decision-makers to defend or support their case or claim in litigation cases.

The eDiscovery process requires a business to fulfill requests of email communication and relevant data from security and law agencies in a reasonable amount of time and present the information in common format. Email archiving solutions not only securely stores your email communication and documents but also allows companies to retrieve and present documents to the law agencies when needed.

With the right email archiving solution, businesses can access, archive, and retrieve business emails and attached documents even when local email infrastructure is down.

Business Continuity

Email systems are prone to errors and hardware and software problems can take your system offline for hours. Imagine losing email communication that arrives when your email systems are down. For most companies, this could mean the loss of millions of dollars.

With email archiving system in place, the server in the cloud continues to receive emails even when your email infrastructure is down. This ensures you never miss or lose any business email from your client or customer.

Thus, you can see email archiving solutions not only help businesses to secure email communication but also provides two additional capabilities of monitoring and analytics that have become important for modern businesses.

Did we miss any important aspect of email archiving solutions? Please feel free to comment.

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